The Passing of Brian Russell

I was shocked and greatly saddened by news of the passing, at age 68, of Brian W. Russell, President and co-founder (along with his brother Chris Russell) of Bryston, Inc. Established in 1973, Bryston's first product was a power amplifier for the professional market. The company went on to produce just about every kind of audio equipment: preamps, multichannel amplifiers, digital equipment, surround processors, speakers, subwoofers—even turntables. I interviewed the Russell brothers and James Tanner, Vice President Sales, in 1996 .

A larger-than-life presence with a quick wit and extensive knowledge of audio, Brian was a stalwart representative of Bryston at audio shows. At one such show, the 2013 Montreal Son & Image, Brian was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. In my show report, I wrote, “Brian is a big, tough guy, so I figured we wouldn't see him crying when giving his award acceptance speech—but I think he came awful close when he said that he owes his achievement to each and every member of the Bryston team.”

With his passing, the Bryston team—and indeed the world of audio—has suffered a great loss.

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Greatest company warranty of all time.

He built things to last.

Sorry to hear this news.

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As a transplanted Canuck I took great pride in seeing my fellow American and European audiophiles enjoying Canadian gear, including Bryston which was always on the top of their list these last few years, especially with their fantastic CD player and DAC. For me, Bryston will always be synonymous with the TF-1 step-up transformer, 0.5 preamp, and 3B power amp. Proof you didn't need to break the bank to acquire amazing gear. RIP Brian Russell thank you for the great gear and sonics.

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Very sad to read this. Back in the mid 2000s I was working at Sound Plus in Vancouver. The owner had been trying to add Bryston to our offerings for a long time. When Brian finally said OK he flew out from Peterborough to close the deal. Generous to a fault, Brian took the entire staff, including back office and warehouse personnel, to the best Japanese restaurant in the city. A lot of wonderful food and libations touched down at our table. I'd never seen anyone order a Lagavulin single malt as an aperitif until Brian did. His generosity of spirit extended to his business dealings. We represented some of the best manufacturers in hi-fi and Bryston was number one in terms of dealer and customer support. Sincere condolences to his family, James Tanner, everyone at Bryston and his countless friends. Michael King

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Condolences to all at Bryston. I have enjoyed their products every single day for 27 years now. One of Canada's best creations.

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…of the good guys.

Thanks for everything you did for the hobby, Brian.

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Greatest company warranty of all time.

He built things to last.

Sorry to hear this news.