Open House at Innovative Audio

As they had in 2012, Manhattan dealer Innovative Audio both participated in the Chester Group's NY Audio Show and held an open house at their 58th Street location after the show closed Friday and Saturday.

While Innovative's rooms at the Show had featured Wilson Alexias and Sasha W/Ps, driven by D'Agostino and Lamm/VTL electronics, at the store they had set up Wilson Alexandria XLFs driven by VTL Siegfried monoblocks and hooked up with Transparent cables, Sasha W/Ps powered by Spectral electronics, and Wilson Sophia 3s, driven by VTL's new fully balanced S-200 Signature stereo amplifier ($10,000), TL-6.5 Signature preamp, and the new TP-2.5 Performance phono preamp ($1850), with a Linn LP12 as source and again Transparent cables.

I have reported before how impressive the sound of the big XLFs is in Innovative's big room, but I spent most time on my Saturday evening visit to Innovative listening to the Sophia 3s ($17,900/pair). The low frequencies were a little generous, though with superb definition, but the system took me deep into the music with Shelby Lynne's reading of "Just a Little Lovin'."