Olive O6HD Music Server

With the show spread out between a half dozen hotels, and Las Vegas one of the most inefficient cities to move around in, it's tough to see everything. I simply ran out of time before getting over to the Bellagio to see Olive, but Kal Rubinson was able to make it one morning.

His photo above shows the company's new O6HD which is described as a "music server for audiophiles". On top is a modest 10.1" touch screen and inside is a fully balanced differential DAC design that can run at 24bit/192kHz. There is also a headphone jack and slot for ripping discs under the lip on the front. Internal storage is 2TB and it has both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs in addition to HDMI, USB, Ethernet and WiFi which supports the free iPad/iPhone apps. Price is $4,999.

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In one week I had 2 brand new Olive 6HD's. I bought the first unit 9 days ago.
The sound is wonderful but they have major technical issues.
First unit had its transport cd drive out of order after 2 days : no more reading of any cd.
Second unit was obviously a unit already returned to Olive !
2 problems :
- some Cd's that were imported with no problem with the first unit are not read at all now. Either the importing window does not open, or when it opens, it search for artist and album name during hours...
- headphone output does not work at all : and small dents are on the screw, so I guess someone already tried something on it, did not success and returned the unit to Olive.
All this is very frustrating and unacceptable concerning a so called "high end" product.
I asked Olive for a full refund and I'm currently waiting for them to have this refund done by the french importer.

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I'm glad to say now that Olive took care of my problems with the Olive 6HD perfectly.
Petra sent to me a few mails to understand what happened exactly with both units.
She never doubted of what I told her and gave me full credit for what I experienced.
She answered all my questions.
She assured me that my dealer will give me the refund I asked. ( The unit has been returned to him today and I'm waiting for a wire transfer ). She told me that Olive is sorry for what happened. I did not ask that much.

So after all this story, I want to stress here that Olive takes care of their customers the right and perfect way. We are treated like VIP's, no matter in which country we live in. Olive acts in a fully responsible way.
Wish you buy an Olive product, no matter if you're in the US or not, you can do so with complete CONFIDENCE.

Thanks a lot OLIVE !!!