Octave Audio V 40 SE integrated amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-channel, tubed integrated amplifier. Tube complement: four KT88, one 12AX7, one 6922. Line-level inputs: 4, plus 1 home-theater bypass. Rated output power: 40Wpc into 4 ohms (13dBW). Frequency response at 10W: 5Hz–70kHz, –2dB. Line input sensitivity: 180mV. Line input impedance: 50k ohms. Channel separation: 40dB. Signal/noise: 100dB. THD at 10W: 0.1% into 4 ohms.
Dimensions: 15.9" (408mm) W by 6.2" (159mm) H by 16.2" (415mm) D; with Black Box connection, 19.1" (490mm) D. Weight: 40.9 lbs (18.6kg).
Finishes: Silver or Black aluminum.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 2099412 Line (amplifier); BB93A9365 (Black Box).
Price: $5300. Black Box outboard power supply, add $1200. Approximate number of dealers: 24.
Manufacturer: Octave Audio, Industriestrasse 13, 76307 Karlsbad, Germany. Tel: (49) 0-72-48/32-78. Fax: (49) 0-72-48/32-79. Web: www.octave.de. US distributor: Dynaudio North America, 1852 Elmdale Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026. Tel: (847) 730-3280. Fax: (847) 730-3207. Web: www.dynaudiousa.com.

Octave Audio
US distributor: Dynaudio North America
1852 Elmdale Avenue
Glenview, IL 60026
(847) 730-3280

LS35A's picture

With two dollar plastic speaker connectors.

Check out the speaker connectors on the $999 Peachtree Nova65SE. WAY BETTER.

I owned a three thousand dollar amp with cheap plastic connectors once - they broke. Was not fun. No more buying expensive amps with cheap parts for me.

georgehifi's picture

It's only got 2 double triodes serving both chanels. A PP poweramp section needs an input tube and a driver.
This means there is nothing left over for an active preamp, therefore it must be a poweramp with a passive preamp and with input switching???

Please correct me if I'm wrong .
Cheers George

JoeinNC's picture

"I thought the V 40 SE sounded very slightly better without the cage..."

Dude. Really?

Audiofest's picture

Those 'cheap plastics' are the fine German made Mundorf connectors used by many top quality manufacturers.
Speaking from large experience with most brouhaha US Tube amplifiers, rest assured that the Octave build quality and quality control is beyond all USA brands except maybe Audio Research. Octave is 100% Made in Germany. No more Yankee stuff for me. Damn it.