NFS Audio

I took this picture of a room at T.H.E. Show just because I thought it looked cool. The system featured old Apogees, long out of production. The music playing was pleasant. But what were these people selling? Maybe cables. Everyone sells cables. And then I looked at the sign on the door: N.F.S. Audio. N.F.S. Not For Sale. Here’s what a Google search turned up:

“We are a couple of Las Vegas audiophiles who love good music and wine. This will be our sixth year at T.H.E. Show. We hope to provide a fun and relaxing listening experience for show exhibitors and patrons alike. We'll have plenty of music and libations. Every year we bring an excitingly different stereo system with interesting visual effects. Come visit! . . . we'll pour you a glass. . ."

Makes me glad I’m an audiophile.

tom collins's picture

that is the coolest thing i have seen yet come out of this show.

Erick Lichte's picture
You really captured the vibe in the room. I wished I could have spent more time here.
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Mike and Anton host the ultimate college dorm room party. Really good guys who always have great beverages and tunes. An oasis away from the insanity of Las Vegas and a good place to hang out after hours.

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I want to thank all of you who stopped by for a listen!
I especially want to thank Bob Carver. He gave new life to the Harman Kardon Citation I & II. Bob, you're a welcome addition to the NSF Audio family!

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I stopped by the room last year, and absolutely feel in love with the lighting in the room. I listen with very low light at home, but this was truly something very special. In case anyone was wondering, you can find out about the lighting at They're a little pricy, but the effect is simply beautiful. I have no affiliation with this company. Just wanted to pass on the info.