New GoldenEar Speakers from Sandy Gross

The GoldenEar Triton Two, which I reviewed in the February 2012, issue, is my favorite speaker at anywhere near its price ($2499/pair until February 1, when it goes up to a still-very-reasonable $2999/pair). The Triton Two now has a "little brother": the Triton Three ($1999/pair), is a smaller version of the Triton Two. The resemblance goes beyond the physical; listening to a pair of Triton Threes, I was very much reminded of the Twos: the same sort of expansive soundstage and bass that was very nearly as impressive as I'm familiar with from the Twos.

An even more interesting product from GoldenEar is the SuperCinema 3D Array (SC3DA): a soundbar that uses some of the same components as GoldenEar's other speakers (including the Heil-type tweeter), in three separate channels that incorporate circuitry for cancellation of interaural crosstalk distortion between the left and right channels. And this circuitry works! Sitting quite close, listening to just the SC3DA and a pair of subwoofers, I heard the sound of instruments seeming to originate laterally 'way outside the physical location of the speaker. Sandy Gross (pictured with the Triton Two and the Triton Three) and his partner Don Givogue, are definitely on a roll with these new speakers.