New from Crystal Cable

Since you'll see the same smiling faces in two successive cable-company blogs, let's start by saying that cables from Crystal Cable and Siltech are made in the same factory, but have very different sounds. It gets even more confusing when I say that Crystal Cable is run by Gabi Rijnveld, while Siltech is run by her husband, designer Edwin Rijnveld (not shown).

Here, Gabi and product/industrial designer Lennart Thissen hold Crystal Cable's Ultimate Dream power cable ($12,622.70/1.5m). Constructed of 6-strand coaxial monocrystal, with a 7th strand in the middle for stability, the power cable uses Oyaide connectors. Rijnveld described it as "fast, neutral, and transparent."

Cooking Man's picture

They look even more cheerful in this shot than in the Siltech post below. Pop the Dom Perignon cork Young Man! Of course I'm just a jealous old curmudgeon.....