MyWorld from Micromega

MyCamera was positioned too close to Micromega's MyWorld cabling to take a focused picture. So let's let the cable do the talking:

"I'm speaker cable, and I cost $199 for a three meter pair. I'm silver-plated copper with gold-plated terminations—either spades or bananas—and I work really well. My sister USB cable costs $49, and also has gold-plated terminations. Brother RCA cables comes in 0.3 and 1.25 meter lengths, cousin coax digital costs $59 for 1.25 meters, and bulk rolls of cabling from the compulsive eating side of the family are on the way. Together, we deliver a far more focused image than Jason's camera, and we cost far less. But, hey, it was the third day of the show, and he had miles to go before he slept. Let's give him a break, and focus on the music instead."