Musical Fidelity X-10D line-level preamplifier MK's Associated Equipment

Sidebar 1: MK's Associated Equipment

CD Transports & Players: Rotel RDD-980, NAD 510, Denon DCM-360.
Jitter-Reduction Boxes: Audio Alchemy DTI Plus, Monarchy Audio Digital Interface Processor, Theta Timebase Linque Conditioner.
D/A Converters: Audio Alchemy DAC-in-the-Box, Rotel RDD-980.
Preamplifiers: Audio Electronics AE-2 (The Bride of Zen), NAD 1600.
Power Amplifiers: home-built Zen SE MOSFET monoblocks, NAD 2100X.
Loudspeakers: B&W 804, Signet SL 256.
Loudspeaker Cables: Straight Wire Maestro, TARA RSC Reference Gen.2
Interconnects: Sound & Video (HAVE) Digiflex Gold I, Digiflex +Plus, Audioflex Gold V; Illuminati DV-30; TARA RSC Reference Gen.2, RSC Prime; Kimber PBJ; Straight Wire Laser Link.
Accessories: RoomTune JustaRack, home-built power conditioner, 2kg steel slabs (speakers), Stereophile back issues.
Room Treatment: ASC Alpha Wedge foam panels; tapestries, blankets.

Note: Please keep in mind that all descriptions of sonic differences in this review refer to small differences. The systems were, after all, exactly the same except for the addition of the buffer and one pair of interconnects. None of the differences heard constituted a major change in sound. If I bothered to mention it, though, it automatically follows that I considered the change musically important. To help keep the differences in perspective, assume that the words "little bit" or "slightly" or "a touch" precede each individual description.—Muse Kastanovich

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