Music Reference RM-9 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: All vacuum-tube design. Power output: 100Wpc (20dBW). Input impedance: 100k ohms. Input sensitivity: adjustable, 0.4–1.2V.
Dimensions: 17¾" W by 11¾" D by 6½" H. Weight: 60 lbs.
Serial numbers of samples reviewed: 137 & 198 (Mk.I); not noted (Mk.II.
Price: $2450 with EL34 output stage, $2750 with KT88 output stage; an oak base is standard, but rosewood is available optionally for an additional $100 (1989–1994). No longer available (2013). Approximate number of dealers: 25.
Manufacturer: RAM Labs/Music Reference (1989). Music Reference, 1758 Calle Boca del Cabron, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (2013). Web:

Music Reference
1758 Calle Boca del Cabron
Santa Barbara, CA 93101