Music Hall's Leland Leard

Bob Deutsch captured this image of Music Hall’s Leland Leard, an image equal to that which I hold in my mind. Anyone who knows Leland Leard will agree that Bob Deutsch released the shutter at just the right time. Say the name, “Leland Leard,” and I will see this wild, carefree smile. Leland would have just finished talking about the new Seu Jorge album or the USB-1 turntables he’s sold to Chicago’s Dusty Groove or the beautiful girl down the hall.

Here, however, Leland is demonstrating how to expose the old-fashioned baffle which hides behind the Epos Epic 2’s slick baffle cover.

People say that Leland and I look alike, but I don’t see the resemblance. Leland wears tighter jeans and frillier shirts, and has a much better smile.

Jon Iverson's picture
If I remember correctly, Bob calls that camera angle the "Dutch Tilt". Or does he call that camera tilt the "Dutch Angle"? Either way, yes you both project some similar characteristics.
Robert Deutsch's picture
Jon, that was for you! Wiktionary defines Dutch Tilt (aka Dutch Angle)as "A cinematic tactic achieved by tilting the camera off to the side. The shot is composed with the horizon not parallel with the bottom of the frame. The technique is often used to portray the psychological uneasiness of the subject being filmed." Don't know about the "psychological uneasiness." Leland looks pretty relaxed. Bob
Stephen Mejias's picture
I was wondering how Bob managed to take such a crisp, clear photograph while hanging from the ceiling.
Robert Deutsch's picture
It's not widely known in the audio community, but, when not at CES, I play the title role in the Spider-Man musical on Broadway.