Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD D/A headphone amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state D/A headphone amplifier and line preamplifier. Inputs: two pairs analog (one pair RCA, one pair 3.5mm stereo jack), four digital (TosLink and two coaxial S/PDIF, USB). Outputs: two pairs RCA (one pair fixed, one pair variable), ¼" headphone jack. Sample rate compatibility: PCM from 32kHz to 384kHz, DSD64, 128, 256. Bit depths supported: 16–24, S/PDIF, 16–32, USB. Power output: 1W into 50 ohms, 200mW into 300 ohms, 100mW into 600 ohms. Input impedance: 22k ohms. Output impedance: 1.25 ohms. Recommended headphone impedance: 20–600 ohms. Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.1dB, 5Hz–100kHz, +0/–3dB. THD at 1kHz, 0dBFS (A-weighted): 0.005%. Intermodulation distortion: 0.005%. Signal/noise ratio: 115dB. Channel separation: 80dB.
Dimensions: 7" (178mm) W by 3" (76mm) H by 11" (280mm) D. Shipping weight: 6.2 lbs (2.8kg).
Finish: Black.
Serial number of unit reviewed: Q10227318.
Price: $1499. Approximate number of dealers 85. Warranty: 10 years.
Manufacturer: Simaudio Ltd., 1345 Newton Road, Boucherville, Quebec J4B 5H2, Canada. Tel: (450) 449-2212. US: Simaudio Ltd., 2002 Ridge Road, Champlain, NY 12919. Web:

Simaudio Ltd.
1345 Newton Road
Boucherville, Quebec J4B 5H2
(450) 449-2212

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It's what differentiates SF; writers like Herb, the much-missed SM, and the too-early-to-say-but-showing-distinct-promise Jana. Along with all the old (sorry guys) favourites

Keep them coming please John; earnest, humourless,colourless reviewers abound elsewhere; don't let them through the door here.

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you're probably already familiar, but there are wonderful 60s era phillips recordings of the Beethovem, Brahms, and Mendelssohn concerti with Haitink conducting. the Brahms is a particular favorite.

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As finish my coffee and get ready to put my butt-kissing suit on for a day in the corporate mines, the first couple paragraphs remind me there must be a way to make a living, have good audio and know interesting, inspiring people(perhaps even be an interesting person. Maybe even a "character"). I will read the rest of the article later on but thanks for that.

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Would this pass as a part of the definition of 'euphonic?'

"Even close-miked instruments are surrounded by a bit of moist air. The microZOTL's transparency surrounds instrumental tones with a kind of vibrating aura."

If it does that to everything, then it would strike me as being 'artifactual.'

Prediction: I think some key words that will appear in the Pass Labs review will be: composed, unruffled, effortless, matter of fact (in the best way, as in 'it possessed a matter of fact control and level of detail that made everything it did seem effortless.')

I really hope you like it. I think Pass Labs' amplification would be on my ownership list if I had adequate scratch!

Cheers, and thanks for a fun all around review!

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Herb a great review on, no doubt a great product, I would like to call your attention to, the Nuprime DAC 10H which is only $200 dollars more, than the Sim product you reviewed.

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We, Audio Doctor, have the Nuprime on display and have been supporting the first iteration of the company, Nuforce, and now in its second incarnation, Nuprime for years.

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Herb I would love to have you over to the shop to hear the Nuprime for yourself we are only three miles away from you, it is really something special.

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No balanced out for headphones?