The Mighty Sound Labs

It’s been a long time since I listened to a pair of Sound Lab electrostatic speakers, but the gigantic A-1Xes ($28,270/pair), powered by MSB M203 monoblocks in the room Sound Lab was sharing with San Diego dealer Blue Skies Audio, sounded as awesome as I remembered from when Dick Olsher reviewed the A-1 in the 1990s. (Review to be posted in Stereophile's free on-line archives in late June.)

George Henschke's picture

I am delighted John Atkinson came away with such a positive impression of our room.  I just wanted to point out a minor typo (speaker model is A-1PX) and also acknowledge our other room partner Silver Audio whose outstanding interconnects, speaker cables and power cords played an important role in the system's sound quality.  Thank you Mr. Atkinson and Stereophile for your comprehensive coverage of the show.