Michael Tang Audio

The ever-enthusiastic Mike Tang, of Mike Tang Audio, had a system to warm the hearts of anachrophiles: Thorens TD124 with custom tonearm to match the Decca cartridge, Meridian MCD CD player (no modifications), Marantz 7C tube preamp, with the new parts of the system consisting of a Feastrex CV4055 power amp (8W, $5500), and Feastrex NF5 driver ($4500/pair, $7000 installed in a custom cabinet.

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It looks and sounds as if it is really nice. I hope it does well. There is so much that can be added to enhance music sound these days and speaker systems are getting better and better.



Speaker systems by Kid Quick are improving and the costs are really getting up there so there will be few people who will be able to afford them.

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That gear might provide a lot of pleasure in ownership, but for that kind of money it cannot offer any sort of value in terms of full range, accurate sound, imo.

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This sytem might not provide boombastic sound to rattle the windows, but what it did was very musically compelling, with great coherence (obviously), organic flow (credit to the amp as well), and startling attack.