Michael Fremer at Definitive Audio's Music Matters 12

Last week at Seattle retailer Definitive Audio's 12th Music Matters, I got to watch one of Michael Fremer's legendary vinyl presentations. (If you have not witnessed Magic Mikey in action—he will be reprising his demo at AXPONA in April—it is truly a must-see!) In this video, Mikey demonstrates the difference between record pressings by playing three different pressings of Nina Simone's debut album Little Girl Blue: the 1958 original; a Pure Pleasure reissue; and the Analogue Productions reissue.

The system: AMG Viella turntable with a 12JT turbo tonearm and Benz LP-S cartridge; an Audio Research PH9 phono preamp, LS28 line stage, and VT80 power amplifier; Focal Sopra No. 3 loudspeakers (check out Kal Rubinson's review in the April Stereophile); HRS RXR racks with Nimbus couplers; and Transparent cabling throughout.

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I really can think of no one who knows more or can impart more in this field. He is pretty good at turntable/arm set also.

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Nice Jana.
how did you like this event? I hope you had a nice Scotch to enjoy the evening.