Meridian 207 Pro CD player Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

The 207 was auditioned in a system consisting of the Klyne SK-5a preamp, Motif MS100 power amplifier, Monster interconnects (Interlink Reference X and M1000) and loudspeaker cables (M1), and B&W 801 Matrix loudspeakers (mono-wired, without equalizer) on Sound Anchor stands. The PS Audio 4.6 preamp (with M-500 power supply) and California Audio Labs Aria Revised, Tempest II, and Audio Concepts/MSB Silver CD players were also used for comparisons. To test the 207's optional phono stages, a VPI HW 19 Mk.II with Well-Tempered Arm was brought into play. A van den Hul MC One moving-coil and a Grado MCX were shuttled alternately into the Well-Tempered.—Thomas J. Norton

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