Melos SHA-Gold headphone amplifier System

Sidebar 2: System

My primary source was the Audio Research CD1 CD player; Kimber Kable KCAG connected the source to the headphone amps. Everything rested upon DH Cones and was plugged into an API Power Wedge 112. I used several pairs of headsets for comparison, including the Grado SR80 and SR125, Sennheiser HD-580 and '580 Jubilee.

While I listened to a wide range of music during the audition period, I'm going to focus my comments on two songs: "Rasd al-dhil Bashraf Sammai," from this month's "Recording of the Month," by the Eduardo Paniagua group, and "Third Uncle," from Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy), remastered and Super-Bit-Mapped on Virgin's Eno Box II (Virgin 3 V23Z 39114 3-CD set).—Wes Phillips

Melos Audio
no longer trading (2006)