MartinLogan's CLX Electrostatics

Whether they be Quads or Staxes, Roger Sanders' designs, or MartinLogans, electrostatic speakers generate passionate advocates. Retailer Digital Ear was demming the enormous Martin-Logan CLX speakers ($25,500/pair) in a huge ballroom in the Atrium hotel, along with two MartinLogan Depthi subwoofers, driving them with McIntosh MC601 monoblocks, a McIntosh C50 D/A preamp and a Meridian-Sooloos server, all hooked up with Transparent cable. The CLX's curvilinear section operates above 360Hz, meaning that all the harmonics of the music and the upper fundamentals are not interrupted by a crossover. Unlike Jason Serinus, I love Diana Krall's music making, so I requested a track from her Live in Paris album. Despite the size of the room, her version of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" was reproduced with Ms. Krall's voice palpably hanging in the center of the stage.

In the room next door, Digital was demming the smaller MartinLogan Montis speakers ($10,000/pair), with a Devialet D/A integrated amp and again a Meridian-Sooloos source. This room's acoutsics were not particularly favorable, but I got enough of a positive impression to look forward to Bob Deutsch's review of the Montis scheduled for the September issue of Stereophile.