Mark Levinson No.37 CD transport & No.36S D/A converter System

Sidebar 2: System

The No.36S and No.37 were evaluated in a system consisting of the Rowland Consummate preamplifier, Aragon 8008 power amplifier, and either the Energy Veritas v2.8 or the Sony ES SS-M9 loudspeakers. (Much of the final listening, including the comparisons, was done through the Sonys, which proved fully up to the task.) I used primarily a coaxial digital link via Kimber AGDL. Interconnects were (except as noted) TARA Labs RSC Master Gen.2 unbalanced (converter to preamp), and Cardas Hexlink unbalanced from preamp to power amp. Loudspeaker cables were a bi-wire set of Monster M1.5s.—Thomas J. Norton

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