Mark Levinson No.326S line preamplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Lingo power supply, Linn Ekos tonearm, Linn Arkiv phono cartridge, Linn Linto phono preamp.
Digital Sources: Ayre C-5xe universal player; Technics DVD-A10 DVD-Audio player; Mark Levinson No.31.5 CD transport; Mark Levinson No.30.6, Benchmark DAC 1 D/A processors; Olive Symphony music server; Alesis Masterlink hard-disk recorder.
Preamplification: Mark Levinson No.380S preamplifier, NHT Passive Volume Control.
Power Amplifiers: Mark Levinson No.33H monoblocks, Musical Fidelity kW750.
Loudspeakers: Revel Ultima Studio, Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five, Paradigm Reference Signature S2, Totem Forest, NHT Xd, Genesis 5.2, Snell S7.
Cables: Digital: Kimber Illuminations Orchid AES/EBU, AudioQuest SVD-4 S/PDIF. Interconnect: AudioQuest Cheetah, Madrigal CZ Gel-1, Ayre Signature Series, Crystalconnect, and Canare (balanced), DiMarzio and Canare (unbalanced). Speaker: AudioQuest Kilimanjaro. AC: PS Audio Lab, Synergistic Research Designers' Reference2, manufacturer's own.
Accessories: Sound Organisation turntable stand, Target TT-5 equipment racks; ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusor panels; PS Audio Power Plant 300 at 90Hz (preamps, disc players only), Audio Power Industries 116 Mk.II and PE-1 AC line conditioners (not power amps); AC power comes from two dedicated 20A circuits, each just 6' from the breaker box, a Mark Levinson No.33H plugged into each.—John Atkinson

Harman Specialty Group
3 Oak Park Drive
Bedford, MA 01730-1413
(781) 280-0300

bengal_finch's picture

i used to drive my sweet MBL 9007(sterio mode) with wadia16i directly, before 9007... Aragon 8008BB with wadia16i. no pree.

well, my brother in law has mbl 5011, sim650D with mbl 9007 mono mode. but i really didnt enjoyed the sound of 5011, it felt different. i was looking for a pree and deep inside i was trying to find is really pree need at all.

in the mean time i was always planning to upgrade my cd player, wadia s7i left behind from my list as the transport is a cd-ROM now. then sudenly my MBL dealer put a sell on MBL1621A and i have it. also brought Bricasti M1 along with it. well a happy man but when push bit high volume i didnt get satisfied with the sound. please note the m1's resulation is so high and vivid that my long time partner wadia16i fall behind. AND MBL1621A is simply authorotive all the way, paul maritai golden concet just takeoff any time, left all behind.

then i read this review of jhon, regarding ML no.326s. i brought it as bricasti alos have same rute of m1, keep in light of better matching.

all should i say... yes you need a pree in your system, please have one of ML No.326s even if you have anyother pree, its whatever colouration is non fatig and meaning full. my next upgrde is 6010D. so see the diff between color and non-coloration.

but ml just blow me off, but now i am called a rainbow man, but i am happy with m ranbow colour. i really want to know what people say who have ML no 326s.

my ac power cords are cardas, and inter connectors are wireworld and transparent and kinberly. power conditioner pure power + 3000.

looking forward to see some comment or sujestion for my next pree, should i go for mbl6010D or not? or which one..... 

PeterSchut's picture

Hi John,
Did you ever came to comparing the 326s to the 32? (As planned in this review)
And why did you never tested the 52?

AnalogueFan's picture

It is because the No.52 (2012) is very cheap, and the No.320S and the No.326S (both from 2004) would win in all the reviews, tests, measurements, and reports.