Listening #125 List of the Month

Sidebar: List of the Month

What's playing in heaven: 20 perfectly written, perfectly performed singles.

1) "Waterloo Sunset," the Kinks
2) "Eleanor Rigby," the Beatles
3) "Lost Highway," Hank Williams
4) "If You Could Read My Mind," Gordon Lightfoot
5) "1999," Prince
6) "Street Fighting Man," the Rolling Stones
7) "Help!," the Beatles
8) "She Loves You," the Beatles
9) "Four Seasons in One Day," Crowded House
10) "Senses Working Overtime," XTC
11) "The Bitterest Pill," the Jam
12) "This Guy's in Love with You," Herb Alpert
13) "Instant Karma," John Lennon
14) "Losing My Religion," R.E.M.
15) "Is It Like Today," World Party
16) "Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan
17) "What's Goin' On," Marvin Gaye
18) "Everybody's Happy Nowadays," the Buzzcocks
19) "See Emily Play," Pink Floyd
20) "A Whiter Shade of Pale," Procol Harum

dougspeterson's picture

I recently fell in love with the big horn systems after decades of wide dispersion, dipoles, Apogee Stages, Magneplanars. They just sounded right on voices, but now it is the horns that sound right on voices. I used to dismiss all that complexity and expense of trying to eliminate the room from the equation. These systems, the Altec 19, the Altec Duplex, Belle Klipsch, EV Sentry III, JBL L200t3, UREI 809 and 811s, all deliver the goods with the immediacy of headphones--what's more they deliver excitement.

I would like to see JA take his analysis kit to the Valencias. What does that waterfall plot look like?

Steve Eddy's picture

I think you'd be better off just enjoying the sausage and avoid watching the How It's Made episode. cool


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Art, if you really want to be blown away, get yourself a pair of GPA's current-production 604, with crossovers from Selah Audio, and put them on a pair of JE Labs-style open baffles. For about $2K and a couple hours' work you'll have a speaker system with the micro & macro-dynamic prowess of your Valencias with virtually none of the weaknesses. IMO.

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PaulF70: I looked at GPL. Interesting site previously unknown to me. Could you pls fwd me to a website that lists ALL classic Altec (consumer) cabinet loudspeakers to include model #'s, descriptions & photos? Thanks. --> ( Amarillo TX ).