Listening #115 List of the Month

Sidebar: List of the Month

The 12 most questionable Grammy Awards of the past quarter-century, from the merely ponderous to the thunderously stupefying:

1) Alan Menken and Tim Rice, Song of the Year, 1993: "A Whole New World"
2) Amy Winehouse, Song of the Year, 2007: "Rehab"
3) Eric Clapton, Record of the Year, 1996: "Change the World"
4) Celine Dion, Record of the Year, 1998: "My Heart Will Go On"
5) Joe Jackson, Best Pop Instrumental Album, 2000: Symphony No.1
6) Alanis Morissette, Best Rock Album, 1995: Jagged Little Pill
7) Julie Gold, Song of the Year, 1990: "From a Distance"
8) M.C. Hammer, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or a Group, 1990: "U Can't Touch This"
9) Baha Men, Best Dance Recording, 2000: "Who Let the Dogs Out"
10) Slayer, Best Metal Performance, 2006: "Eyes of the Insane"
11) Brian Wilson, Best Rock Instrumental Performance, 2004: "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow"
12) Jethro Tull, Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, 1988: Crest of a Knave

cheesecake's picture

got a big grin from the Milo & Otis allusion.

tao's picture

It's funny but 3-4 years later I bought very similar gear, Snell J/III's, and a NAD 3400 intergrated. Still use them to today. The Snells are on 12" high tilted 3/4" metal box tubing stands, on either side of my TV. I use them in the "ghost" center mode for movies. For regular music playback the old Awia tapedeck, Parasound turntable and Phillips CD player have been retired in favor of a Oppo BDP-83 blue ray (universal player) and a Sim Audio moon DAC for bypassing TV sound into amp and for ipod play.

I've listened and listened as I've been looking to change over to full 5.1 sound for the TV, but nothing in my price range comes close to those 24 year old J/III's. They just sound better than most of what I've heard out there today. And except for one scratch (caused during a move 17 years ago) atop one of the speakers they are perfect, including the black grills.

Keep reviewing that vintage stuff, people don't know what there missing, ok maybe you shouldn't tell them, more for us. wink

BarrysConspiracyWorld's picture

The worst stereo I've ever heard used EPI speakers and a cheap receiver.  The owner was a fan of EPIs.  It boggles my mind.  Others thought the PA system at 7-11 sounded better.  Snells on the other hand were very nice back in the day.

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Those look like old Linn Sara stands under your lent Snells Art... A few years after I bought my Sondek Lp12 with ittok LVII arm, and Asak, instead of a pair of Snells which I liked quite well, my local dealer The Absolute Sound on Woodward Ave. sold me a pair of teak enclosed Saras w/stands (like in your picture) which I liked even more. Efficiency, well hardly but, with Naim or Linn SS they would wake up very nicely.   They still sound great and look lovely to this day and reside in a bedroom, I think we could say they were a bargain.

Happy Listener! ;^)>

ken mac's picture

purchase a pair of these to play around with, Will report back.

Thanks for a hearty thumbs up, Art.