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Miyajima Laboratory/Otono-Edison, 1-45-111, Katae 5-chome, Jounan-ku, Fufuoka 814-0142, Japan. Web:
Tektron Italia. Tel: (39) 335-6693-597. Fax: (39) 06-6220-4300. Tel./Fax (US): (530) 430-3929. Web:
US Distributor (both): Robyatt Audio, Basking Ridge, NJ. Tel: (855) 762-9288, (908) 334-3241. Fax: (866) 576-3912. Web:

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Thanks again Art for a great read and further exploration in tranny driven analogue. My piggy bank has been filling up to set up a mono/tranny driven second table with my old LP12 doing the honors. I really look forward to getting there and without you and "Listening" I would not have known where to begin.

Happy Listener, Happy Listening!

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'nuff said