Linn Linto phono preamplifier Specifications

Linn Linto: Solid-state, direct-coupled MC phono preamplifier with switch-mode power supply. Recommended audio input level: 150uV (high gain), 500uV (low gain). Input impedance: 150 ohms (in parallel with 4.7nF). Voltage gain: 64dB at 1kHz (high gain), 54dB at 1kHz (low gain). Maximum input: 6.7mV at 1kHz (high gain), 19mV at 1kHz (low gain). Maximum output: 10.1V p-p at 1kHz. Power consumption: ca 6W/12VA.

Dimensions: 12.5" W by 3" H by 13" D. Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 001575 ("Assembled and Tested by David Clyne").
Price: $1500. Approximate number of dealers: 100.
Manufacturer: Linn Products Ltd., Floors Road, Waterfoot, Glasgow G76 0EP, Scotland, UK. US distributor: Linn Inc., 4540 Southside Boulevard, Suite 402, Jacksonville, FL 32216. Tel: (904) 645-5242. Fax: (904) 645-7275. E-mail: . Web: .

Associated Equipment
LP playback: Linn LP12 turntable, Lingo power supply, Cirkus suspension, Ekos tonearm.
Phono cartridges: Linn Arkiv, Transfiguration Temper, van den Hul Frog.
Preamplifier: Conrad-Johnson ART.
Power amplifiers: Audio Research VT200, Cary Audio Design CAD805C monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: Alón Circe, B&W John Bowers Silver Signature.
Cables: Siltech interconnects, Black Orpheus speaker cables.
Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 112, Magro Stereo Display Stands.
Room treatment: ASC Tube Traps, Studio Traps, Bass Traps; RPG Abffusors; helobious f. domesticus.
Wes Phillips

4540 Southside Blvd., Suite 402
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(888) 671-LINN (US only)