Krell KRC-HR preamplifier & Audio Standard power amplifier KRC-HR December 1996

WP wrote again about the KRC-HR in December 1996 (Vol.19 No.12):

Comparing Conrad-Johnson's Premier Fourteen to the superb Krell KRC-HR that I reviewed in October, a preamplifier that costs nearly $3000 more, I was struck by how close the best solid-state and tube products now sound to one another. The Krell was certainly as silent and as dynamic as the C-J, but the Premier 14 was a soundstaging wonder—an area where I felt the Krell fell short in comparison. Surprisingly—to me, anyway—the C-J conceded nothing to the Krell in HF or low-end extension, areas where the best solid-state designs used to have the advantage.—Wes Phillips

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