Krell KPE & KPE Reference phono preamplifiers System

Sidebar 2: System

A wide selection of ancillary components was available for this review. Comparison preamplifiers ranged from the Audio Research LS-5 to Krell's own KRC, by way of a Conrad-Johnson PF1. Power amplifiers included the Audio Research VT150, the Krell KSA-100S, Meridian 605, Naim NAP250, and Conrad-Johnson Premier Eleven. Loudspeakers used were the Apogee Mini Grand system, Wilson WATT 3s/Puppy 2s, Quad ESL-63s, and Epos ES-11s.

Digital sources included the PS Lambda and Reference Link combination, the Krell MD10 and Reference 64 combination, an Accuphase DP70V, and an Audio Synthesis DAX. For the phono-stage trials, most of the listening was done with a Linn LP12-Lingo/Naim Aro/Koetsu Rosewood 2 on a Mana two-tier table. Interconnect cables ranged from Siltech silver, balanced and unbalanced, Mandrake unbalanced, to van den Hul The Second balanced and unbalanced, as well as van den Hul The First.—Martin Colloms