Krell KBL preamplifier System Context

Sidebar 2: System Context

My reference system currently consists of a Theta Pro Generation II D/A processor with balanced outputs, Mark Levinson No.26 line-level preamplifier, Krell KSA-250 and Mark Levinson No.23 power amplifiers, and B&W Matrix 800 speakers. A Levinson No.23.5 power amp arrived after the KBL, and was subsequently substituted for the No.23 (the 23.5 is much better than the 23), as well as a pair of Krell MDA-300 monoblocks (a truly phenomenal amplifier!). Several CD drives were used (Krell MD-1 and Esoteric P-10, P-500, and P-2), as well as two Krell D/A converters (SPB-64X and SPB-32X).

Interconnects used were Madrigal HPC (balanced and single-ended), Krell Cogelco (balanced and single-ended), Straight Wire Maestro (balanced), AudioQuest Diamond (balanced), Magnan VI (balanced), Kimber KCAG (balanced and single-ended), and Purist Audio Design Maximus (balanced). Speaker cables to the B&W Matrix 800 speakers were 1) a combination of AudioQuest Clear and Sterling (quad-wired), 2) Straight Wire Maestro (bi-wired), and 3) Kimber 4AG (bi- and tri-wired).—Lewis Lipnick

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