Koetsu Black MC phono cartridge Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Low-output moving-coil cartridge. Output: 0.6mV. Compliance: 10–12cu (compliance units). Channel separation: >30dB (1kHz). Cantilever: one-piece boron rod. Stylus profile: proprietary (see text). Recommended load: 5–47k ohms. Recommended downforce: 1.8–2.0gm.
Dimensions: 25/64" W by 36/64" D by 56/64" L. Weight: 11gm.
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 1287.
Price: $1600. Approximate number of dealers: 30.
Manufacturer: Koetsu, Japan. Koetsu USA, P.O. Box 1909, Carolina, PR 00984. Tel: (787) 752-1083. Web: www.koetsusa.com.

Koetsu, Japan
Koetsu USA
P.O. Box 1909
Carolina, PR 00984
(787) 752-1083