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AV3 LCR loudspeaker: Two-way sealed box system with two 61/2" cone woofers and three 1" soft-dome tweeters in vertical mirror-image configuration. Frequency response: 80Hz–20kHz, ±3dB. Crossover frequency: 3kHz. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m. Maximum output: 112dB. Amplifier requirements: 10–150W.
Dimensions: 23.6" H by 9.4" W by 7.1" D. Weight: 28 lbs.
Serial numbers of samples reviewed: 1618, 1645, 1652.
Price: $800 each, 1996; no longer available (2012).

AV2 surround loudspeaker: Three-way, reflex-loaded dipole with two 1" dome tweeters, two 4" cone midrange units, and one 5" cone woofer. Frequency response: 125Hz–8kHz, ±3dB. Crossover frequencies: 400Hz, 8kHz. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 89dB/W/m. Amplifier requirements: 10–100W.
Dimensions: 10" W by 12" W by 5" D. Weight: 13 lbs.
Serial numbers of samples reviewed: 1594L, 1594R.
Price: $750 each, 1996; no longer available (2012).

AV1 powered subwoofer: Two 9" cone drivers. Enclosure type: coupled cavity. Frequency response: 22–150Hz, ±2.5dB, 6dB down at 18Hz, Stereo mode; 35–80Hz, ±2.5dB, 6dB down at 29Hz, THX mode. Crossover: 80Hz in THX mode, variable from 50Hz to 150Hz in stereo mode. Balanced inputs: XLR and binding posts. Unbalanced inputs: RCA. Input impedance: 22k ohms unbalanced, 100k ohms balanced. Controls: AC power, stereo/THX mode selector, input level (stereo mode only), blend control. Outputs: THX loop, 100Hz high-pass, unfiltered loop, XLR loop.
Dimensions: 22" W by 17" H by 120" D. Weight: 109 lbs.
Serial number of sample reviewed: 1505.
Price: $3500, 1996; no longer available (2012).

Entire system: Price: $7000 ($7200 with rosewood subwoofer), 1996; no longer available (2012). Approximate number of dealers: 300.
Manufacturer: KEF Electronics, England. US distributor: GP Acoustics (US) Ltd., 10 Timber Lane, Marlboro, NJ 07746. Tel: (732) 683-2356. Fax: (732) 683-2358. Web:

KEF Electronics
US distributor: GP Acoustics
10 Timber Lane
Marlboro, NJ 07746
(732) 683-2356

eugovector's picture

Wow, things were interesting in 1996.  You could still get a critical review, and manufacturer response, back then.  Should we take this posting to mean that Stereophile will actually be reinstating critque inplace of marketing?

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I was lucky enough to audition the passive version of this combination back in the mid 90's with Proceed Amps and the sound was beyond amazing, the salesperson was displaying the movie Twister, it felt like you were in a tornado the only drawback was the price at the time.