Katli Audio pairs Usher's ML-801 loudspeaker with Conrad-Johnson, Cocktail Audio, and Esoteric gear

Katli Audio of Chino Hills, CA, the US importer of Usher Audio loudspeakers, paired Usher's ML-801 ($1l,950/pair in satin wood finish) with rarely-encountered-by-me Conrad-Johnson and other components.

The ML-801 has a specified frequency range of 28Hz–38kHz, and a sensitivity of 87dB. A three-way, four driver design with two 8" carbon-fiber woofers, it uses a new 1.25" magnesium-alloy tweeter and magnesium-lithium alloy midrange unit.

On Allan Taylor's "Colour to the Moon," a lovely warm midrange stood out in a nice, wide soundstage. Doing the remaining honors were Conrad-Johnson's ET-7 S-II tube preamp ($13,500) and 40th Anniversary ART-150 150Wpc stereo power amp ($21,500, above); Cocktail Audio's X-45Pro music server with ESS9038Pro reference DAC ($5995), and an Esoteric N-05XD network player/streamer/preamp ($11,000). An Audience aR6-T power conditioner ($4800) worked in conjunction with Cardas Clear and new Siltech Legend Series cabling.

Simon Moond's picture

I thought this room sounded great. Maybe a small bass boom problem, but imaging, detail, attack/decay, etc were all quite good.

There was a time (early 2000's?)when Usher was much better known, and the budget high end speaker go to speaker. Their older "Dancer" speakers were comparable to speakers at substantially higher cost.