Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones Specifications

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Description: AC-powered electrostatic headphones. Maximum spl: 110dB. Distortion: <0.5%. Cable length: 3m.
Weight: 600gm.
Serial number of review sample: 730150 (1975); not noted (1987).
Price: $300 (1975); $650 (1987); €1395, headphones, €1395, power supply (2013). Aprroximate number of dealers; 50 (1987); sold direct (2013).
Manufacturer: Jecklin, Switzerland. Us distributor: Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Woodbridge, CT (1975); May Audio Marketing, Champlain, NY (1987); QUAD Musikwiedergabe GmbH, Brunnenstrasse 57, 56751 Gering, Germany (2013). Tel: (49) (0) 2654 987977. Web:


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I'm sorry - I can't stop laughing. Please post photos of anyone who would buy these. Thanks.

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A bit early for April Fool's, don't you think?

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These sound really good. Especially the new ones made by Quad Germany. [url deleted by Moderator -- did not work)

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Ha ha just noticed the post date.
Nice try

John Buchanan's picture produced the set of 3 phones, 2 dynamic and 1 electrostatic. The later PS2 Jecklin Float Electrostatic version I had sounded exactly as per JGH's review - no deep bass, but the new power supply had by the time I picked them up, fixed the pooping out problem - they could play with huge dynamics.The deep bass lack was a serious and very obvious limitation compared with either the Stax Sigma Pro or the Lambda Nova Signature. The other problem with these is that there was an irresistible urge to pilot a spaceship anytime they were donned. My kids used to bring their friends in to laugh at them - true story. If they could have been made to produce deep bass (and the lack of ear pads precluded exactly that), they would have been unbeatable.