JBL & Mark Levinson

Larry Greenhill's May 2010 review of JBL's Synthesis 1400 Array BG loudspeaker was a highlight of that year's issues for me. At $11,500/pair, the 1400 Array offers a huge but highly neutral sound from its 15" woofer and horn-loaded midrange unit and tweeter. At RMAF, the JBLs were being driven by a Mark Levinson No.512 SACD player, No.326S preamplifier, and a pair of No.531H amplifiers, all hooked up with Transparent cables. The room's acoustics had been tamed with ASC Tube Traps and the sound was as good as I was expecting.

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The low frequency driver of the Synthesis "1400" is the newest version of the LE 14-H woofer that's been around for, oh, I dunno - maybe 30 years. It's not a 15 inch driver like that found in the Everest.

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Beautiful amp's , do they sound as sweet as they look ?