Indie Album Unexpectedly Embraced by the Audiophiles

There are other examples: Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, Iron & Wine’s Our Endless Numbered Days, Feist’s Let it Die, Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut, and the XX’s XX come to mind. All of these albums were darlings of the indie pop scene and embraced by audiophiles. (What the?)

This year’s award for “Indie Album Unexpectedly Embraced by the Audiophiles” might just go to James Blake’s dreamy, self-titled debut. I’ve heard “Wilhelms Scream,” the second track from that album, in at least five exhibitors’ rooms at the California Audio Show.

I guess we like the way it shows off a soundstage.

(Time to go to sleep. It's 3am back in New Jersey, last call at Lucky's, and Natalie and Nicole are probably on their way home.)

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I'm not an audiophile, but do like good reproduction of music.  Listening to the album, I can say that it sounds really nice!  For an indie artist, I can see this young man going very far!

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As it should be... great new album titles by intriguing indie artists, on the appropriate medium for maximum enjoyment. Warm up those amps, slip a record out of the sleeve and on to the plater, cue up the stylus, and sink into your easy chair, open up your mind and ears. Ahhhhhh, very nice!

Happy Listening!

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and I'm MOST proud to have infected many of those exhibitors at the Cali Audio Show w/ this album!!  I've been LOVIN it (since even before I reviewed it for PFO back in May: - where I covered the album on CD ).  The 45rpm 10" single of "Limit to Your Love" has some AMAZING bass modulations you never thought possible on vinyl! and I'm a tech house/vinyl DJ!!  SO glad to see you report on this Stephen!  and Amon Tobin?!?!?  NICE - one of the BEST underground shows I'v EVER been to.   BRAVO