"Hola!" from Barcelona

Wes sends his "Hola!" from Barcelona:

Been reading the blog for news on the kitties. No mention yet of Huckleberry's teleportation trick. Has he calmed down? (Hah!)

Huckleberry does this thing where he sneaks up on you, wraps himself around your legs, and purrs. But, in the time it takes you to look down and say, "Aww, that’s cute," he's gone—swoooooooooosh—into the listening room, skidding across the tribal rug, flinging a hot pink plush mouse into the air, while Bagheera hides beneath the Ayre universal player and shuts her eyes, thus making herself completely invisible.

It's a hoot.

Take a look at Wes' "Associated Equipment" sidebar in his review of the C-5xe to see what I mean. The kitties really are a part of the total experience. I've even (somewhat) gained a sense of their personal tastes in music. Bagheera seems to (sorta) tolerate Nedelle's sweet voice accompanied by the softest swipes at nylon strings. On the other paw (HAW!), Huckleberry seems to get down with the sillier sounds—buzzes and drones—and dance beats of The Fiery Furnaces. Both kitties, however, seem to have a soft spot for the new My Morning Jacket album, which I have been cranking on the Linn Classik in the kitchen.

Then again, I don't know: it might just be the cat food that they like.

I also gather, from the e-mails Wes sent, that he is eating and drinking well, and taking in some wonderfully gaudy architecture.

Gaudy, get it?!

Gosh, I'm tired. Wes, come home. Soon!