High Water Introduces Pure Sound

I’m afraid I hit High Water Sound’s room at the end of the fourth floor at a time when, overwhelmed by how many systems I had left to visit before show’s end, could only muster the words “very nice sound” in my notes. Clearly I owe you an apology, and Jeffrey Catalano’s high-end emporium a visit the next time I’m in New York City.

What I can tell you that this was the show debut for Pure Sound’s M845 SE monoblock amplifier ($10,000/pair), L300 line stage preamplifier ($8000), P10 phono preamplifier ($1000), T10 step up transformer ($500) and A8000 CD player ($1600). These babies were fed by TW-Acustic’s Raven One turntable ($7000) with Ortofon 309D tonearm ($2999) and Audio Note cartridge, and were feeding Horning Hybrid Systems’ Aristotle Ultimate Zigma Plus loudspeakers ($15,000/pair) courtesy of the Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0 SE ($7500); High Fidelity Cables’ interconnects and speaker cables; Silver Circle Audio, Stealth, WSS, and Tel Wire power cables; Silent Running Audio Ohio XL Bases and Symposium Acoustics Super Plus speaker platforms.

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Hmmm, Another killer system that sounds lovely... I see a pattern forming with Jeffrey and His High Water Audio over the many shows and years.

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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I spent quite a bit of time in this room. I probably got to spin a half a dozen records to make sure I could put this room through its paces.

Oud (Arabic guitar - Jamil Bachir)  on this sounded fast, detailed ...yet musical. The most tonally correct room I visited for this recording.

Lester Young sounded lively, dynamic and again ...very musical.

Kansas - These puppys (I am sure the 845's had a big part here too) rocked on!

Disclaimer though ... I always have thought High water rooms sound good. This time though, between both his rooms ...sounded really really really good. Goose bump worthy good! 

The Hornings and the 845's are a very good match. PureSound mono's are a definite contender for SET's with balls!

Keep it spinnin 



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Heard this system on the last day and all must have been broken in because it was sounding quite sweet. Heard it at the NYC show too it was great there as well.