High-End Audio is Here to Stay! Letters

Letters in response appeared in the August 2000 issue:

More Gigi please

Editor: I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Gigi Krop's article in the June 2000 Stereophile (p.45). As a woman who loves music, attends a lot of concerts, and enjoys listening to my husband's high-end stereo, but who has no knowledge of or interest in electronic gadgetry, I found Ms. Krop's article a breath of fresh air. Its style was personal and entertaining, and I could relate to her simple and down-to-earth insights.

Now I'm actually interested in reading more in my husband's subscription---I hope to see more articles from people like Ms. Krop.---Liliana E. Sanders, Address withheld

Hope Ms. Krop is here to stay!

Editor: The other night, I had the system cooking and was reading the June issue, when I came across the article written by Ms. Krop.

It seems she wrote for me alone. How did she know that I had come out of the hustle and bustle, turned on my system, put on some vinyl (Benny Goodman in Moscow---the song was "Meet the Band"), and had been carried back to 1962. It must have been amazing to be the first jazz band to be invited by the Soviet Union. Could it have been Benny who brought down the "evil empire" instead of President Reagan?

Sorry, I know Stereophile readers don't want politics in their magazine. In any event, Ms. Krop's timing was right on. Keep up the good work.---James Trantham, Eagle River, Alaska, trantham@chugach.net