Heading Into Las Vegas

It's Wednesday evening just before rush hour, and the traffic is not too bad passing through the outskirts of LV along Interstate 15 heading north. The rest of the Stereophile crew will be arriving during the next few hours and Thursday.

John Atkinson has handed out the assignments:

John Atkinson: expensive speakers
Robert Deutsch: low-mid-priced speakers
Erick Lichte: amplification of all kinds
Jason Serinus: cables, accessories, and headphones
Stephen Mejias: budget gear of all kinds
Jon Iverson: digital products of all kinds

We'll gather tonight at JA's favorite Indian restaurant for dinner, and then coverage will start up in earnest Thursday.

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John Atkinson: Expensive speakers

It's good to be King. lol

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Michael Fremer will be covering Analog at CES and Kalman Rubinson Multichannel Music, but their reports will appear in the April and May issues of the paper magazine, respectively.
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Sin City, baby! This hotel room is bigger than my apartment! I've got TWO beds and a couch that could sleep three. And I've got a view of Barry Manilow. I'm ready to rock.