Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?

As we wrap up the Home Entertainment Show for another year, it seems appropriate to ask if you have attended HE2002 or any other audio or audio/video show.

Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?
Yes, many times
17% (47 votes)
Yes, a couple of times
20% (55 votes)
Yes, once
17% (47 votes)
47% (130 votes)
Total votes: 279

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BTW, how do you get tickets for these sorts of things? Do they just let _anyone_ go?

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I would love to but hav never found the time. Especially if they had lots of different types of "budget" audio-phile speakers in cushy listening rooms! Hahahahah

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I just visited HeadRoom's headphone tour in New Orleans. It was a rare opportunity to audition many options.

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I would love to go to one. How about having it in San Francisco?

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I attended HE 2001 and 2002 in New York, and while this one was much better than 2001, it remains a mystery to me why dealers, manufacturers, and designers would be satisfied to demonstrate their products in those awful little rooms in the Hilton. The rooms are too small, poorly shaped in many cases, have low ceilings, and are too crowded as soon as more than two or three people have come in to listen. My brother and I were in and out of most of them very quickly, fairly certain we wouldn't be learning much about how the equipment really sounded. Which is not to say we aren't glad there is so much interest, but surely there is some way to do more useful, enjoyable demos. The rooms downstairs (on the second floor) were generally the best sounding. There was space to set up the equipment properly, seat listeners, and let the music breathe. Now, if only the demonstrators would choose better music!

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Once, back in the early 1980's in NYC. I have not attended a show since because the locations are too far away. How about Atlanta or Charlotte ?

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The one audio show I've attended was Stereophile's show in 1994 down here in Miami at the Doral Country Club. Hey! When are you guys coming back? I want another show down here!

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I attended the Stereophile Shows in Los Angeles, San Mateo and San Francisco but I gues San Francisco doesn't rate the attention any more.

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I've been an attendee of the Montreal Audio Show for many years now. A great, great show, set in a fabulous city. If you've never been, then you don't know how good an audio show can be.

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I've been to the last 3 HE shows in NYC. 96', 01' & 02' Great shows!

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The HES2002 was my first show ever. Had a great time, and plan to attend next year's show.

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love to if it was in DC or Baltimore. The $1000 + cost of a NYC weekend was a bit much. I'd especially attend if there was a used equipment mart to shop at.

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It was years ago in Cleveland. I remember seeing a bunch of Rectilinear stuff, some Macintosh and a little company named Sherwood. That's about it. It was cool, but I'm not paying a few grand to go to a show

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Useful to have a look at what's new, but forget about any meaningful sonic insight—it's too crowded and has poor acoustics.

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Every now and then, I think it would be interesting to attend a show, but I never get around to it. In some ways, I'm not sure that I mind missing shows. I prefer to buy equipment that stands the test of time, so I'm not as interested in seeing the latest thing—which may well be gone and forgotten in six months.

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Now, the next question is, when are you going to hold one in the Washington, DC area??

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Please, have someone bring the Home Entertainment Show to the Gulf Coast (Mobile, New Orleans or Biloxi). Then I would attend and at least be able to say I attended once.

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It sure as hell sounds like a cool place to look at what's new, minus the space for it to perform its best. Hence, the reason why I don't go.

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Just can't make it to New York, how about San Francisco?

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Un-freakin-believable is all I can say. I went several years ago at one of the last Consumer Electronics shows held in Chicago at McCormick Place. I LOVED it. Even the self-proclaimed tin-ears thought the best sound they heard all day came from a turntable at the Conrad Hilton. Ahhhh, if only manufacturers would ditch Vegas and came back to a real town.

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I live in Alabama and the shows are just too far away from me and too costly in time and money for me to go.

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Not as exciting as last year's show, perhaps, but terrific nevertheless. Now if only Stereophile's editors could produce the show program instead of those nitwits at Home Theater.

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Show are crowded and never let me hear what I want to hear. I always have high expectations and come away less than satisfied. This year I wanted to hear the Joseph 33's not at the show; the Wilson Sophia not at the show a ful range Wilson Benish not at the show; the small Pipedreams not at the show, the new Linn speaker not at the show; the list goes on. Well that the nature of show, maybe others got to hear what they wanted. By the way what was with the Linn room??? lots of space no real audio.

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When I buy a cd I will make a copy to play in the car, or in a portable player or the computer keeping the orig. in mint condition.

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#!@!# sony!

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I only attended the last two NY shows and enjoyed seeing and hearing all the latest equip.and finding some new music to listen to.

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I went to a combined audio/camera show in the autumn of 1975 in Boston. Then I proceeded over to Symphony Hall where I saw Keith Jarret in concert. I thought I had been having a wonderful day until I found out that my '67 VW had been stolen from its parking space over by the Berkley School of Music. Hitchhiking home at 1AM to Gardner,MA, some 54 miles away, did not amuse me.

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The "once" was the Stereophile show in San Francisco a few years ago. Loved it! I even took a day of vacation to be there on opening day. Aren't you guys ready for some real California-Mexican-Chinese cuisine?