Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?

As we wrap up the Home Entertainment Show for another year, it seems appropriate to ask if you have attended HE2002 or any other audio or audio/video show.

Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?
Yes, many times
17% (47 votes)
Yes, a couple of times
20% (55 votes)
Yes, once
17% (47 votes)
47% (130 votes)
Total votes: 279

Bob Barr's picture

Years ago I went to several shows in the Philadelphia area. They were within a 45 minute drive so no long travel or overnight stay was required. They were more entertaining than informative; surely not on the scale of HE2002 with its forums and mega-buck vendor booths. But, nevertheless, they were a fun day out of the house. I don't attend the 'biggies' because of the expense. Even though NYC is within reasonable travel for me, I can't justify $200-$300 a night for a hotel room and dinner. I would like to see a return to regional shows. Yes, they would be smaller, but they would be more accessable to the masses. And I just miss the plain fun of them.

todd chapin's picture

got two boys, 6 and 2. I can barely listen to music , let alone look at systems.

Chris from Michigan's picture

This year, I finally raised enough dough to ship my tail (via Amtrak) to New York for HE2002. It was audio heaven. And the live performances of the Atkinson Quartet were awesome. I heard tons of great music from all of the rooms, although, I'm not sure how many more times I can hear Alison Krauss' voice without institutionalizing myself.

norm kennedy's picture

I have attended two of your Stereophile shows, the ones in Miami and Chicago, and I enjoyed them very much. I would like to request that the next show be located more in the center portion of the country. It can difficult for audiophiles from the west coast and other regions to travel all that distance. Atlanta, GA is my suggestion.

Seth Jakel's picture

I love audio and audio/video shows. Starting in 1972, I've been attending them whenever they've been held in New York City. There was only one I had to miss, in the Fall of 1978 when I was a freshman in college, because I had an ear infection at that time. But other than that one, I've been diligent about going to every single one that was held in Manhattan since 1972.



Eldon's picture

didn't knock my socks off. alot of hype and noise usually

Larry's picture

Nope, Too busy flyfishing, and there's no chance of being close to one in AK. Like reading about them though.

Kevin's picture

I wish I could but don't think there are any here in Upper Michigan.

Mahoney's picture

Why would I want to attend an audio show? So I can return home, after listening to $80,000 speakers powered by $30,000 amps, and think my system sounds like $&!%? No thanks.

Gary Marshall's picture

There should be more in cities like Miami.

James's picture

Please bring the show back to CA.

David Schwartz's picture

Went to one in NYC many years ago. I hope to go next year, couldn't make it this time.

Jim Merrill's picture

Congrats! Another great show!

Philippe from Paris's picture

In fact, two times a year in the seventies-eighties (during the golden age for the Hi-Fi industry in France and probably in the rest of the world). Today in Paris, the audio video shows are not what they should to be nor are they what the music lovers expect: massive static presentation (no possibility to listen to new gear), no high end in audio and ever more and more audio/video naughty noise. So it's time to turn to the NY, London, or Berlin audio video shows.

Tony R.  Harrison Sr.'s picture

My audio buddies and I attend them whenever they are in the general area. I find them loads of fun and informative. The shows provide an opportunity to see, hear, touch and experience equipment you would normally not get a chance to.

alberto centeno's picture

in my city never found an event like this

Albert Schippits's picture

I've been to every CES since 1971 & one Stereophile show.

Rick's picture

I would attend if there was one near my residence.

Anonymous's picture

If I wasn't so broke from buying SACD and CD's I would gladly take my wife son to a Show. Please let's forget about all of the watermarking and switch to SACD, then lower the price of a recording to $10 or less (the lower the better. Everyone in the recording business will profit from lower prices and PLEASE BETTER MUSIC. Look for talent.

Mario Campa's picture

The show was wonderful overall. The hotel rate for industry was exorbitant, but the staff was very attentive. Already looking forward to next year!

Chris Kenney's picture

I would attend if one were held locally. I live in Central Florida where every other type of trade fair or show imaginable comes to town. Bring one here and I'll attend.

harold B.  Roberts's picture

The 2001 Home Entertament Show was so disapointment that I decided not to com to the 2002 show. The shows would be well served to be held on the West Coast again.

Al's picture

Great way to meet manufacturers and retailers, listen and buy new music.

JIm's picture

A Stereophile show in L.Aand it was FUN.

Robert Nelson's picture

I've been to about 7 or 8 shows so far. The last show in New York was ok but I didn't particularly like the Hilton as a venu. The elavators were to small along with the hallways and rooms. Last year they had a teachers convention which made it particularly crowded. Even with that I still went this year. I'm hoping they will have a better venu next year as I want to make it a whole week vacation instead of an overnight. It's what I love!

David Milo's picture

Yes, I have. I find it just astonishing the lack of room treatments used in the hotel rooms and the abundance of bad sounding systems. There are always a few rooms which are just great.

C.  Healthgut, M.D., Malibu, CA's picture

I've been to many (hi-fi shows, that is). I found early on, and after much expense, that equipment that sounds great at a show can sound horrible in your listening room. But I degress. That's an entirely different topic, is it not?

Kurt Christie's picture

Love 'em all.

Jim Sanders's picture

My first exposure to high-end audio resulted from attending a hi-fi show in NYC in 1962-1963 (four decades have clouded my memory) where I heard music reproduced from electrostatic speakers for the first time. By that time I had already built DIY monophonic equipment. A second revelation came when I helped build the "Ezekial" speakers for its designer in Washington, D.C., where they were exhibited at a hi-fi show there in early 1969. Many years passed before I discovered Stereophile shows, which I've attended in 1995, 1997, and 1998, all in California, where I live, and I've also attended the past four CES shows in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to the next time the Stereophile show comes to California! By now I suppose you can call me a "show junkie". :-)