Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary Edition loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Two-way, sealed-cabinet, stand-mounted loudspeaker. Drive-units: 0.75" (19mm) dome tweeter; 5" (110mm) magnetically shielded, Radial2-cone woofer. Frequency response: 75Hz–20kHz, ±3dB. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 83.5dB/2.83V/m. Recommended amplification: >15W. Power handling: 50W program.
Dimensions: 12" (306mm) H by 7.5" (189mm) W by 8" (202mm) D, including grille and terminals. Weight: 14 lbs (6.3kg).
Finish: Bright Olive Wood.
Price: $2890/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 30. Warranty: 3 years.
Manufacturer: Harbeth Audio Ltd., 3 Enterprise Park, Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 2LH, England, UK. Tel: (44) 1444-484371. Web: www.harbeth.co.uk. US distributor: Fidelis, 460 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063. Tel: (603) 880-4434. Fax: (603) 437-4769. Web: www.fidelisav.com.

Harbeth Audio Ltd.
US distributor: Fidelis
460 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 880-4434

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... Tim de Paravicini has been using stacked pairs of Falcon LS3/5a speakers (with the second speakers set upside down on top the first ones) to demo his products.
If HR still has both pairs of Harbeth P3ESR speakers on hand, perhaps he could give such an arrangement a try - possibly as a solution to the "choking" phenomenon that was mentioned.

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..english amplification and associated ear is mostly a joke.

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Back up your snarky statement with examples and facts! What are you basing that on? You obviously never listened to and enjoyed a Beatles LP. Or a classical recording from EMI? Or one of the zillion records recorded and mixed in the UK during the 50s/60s/70s/80s etc. Your statement is one of the more ignorant statements I've seen posted on a Stereophile blog. And EAR is a joke too? Maybe one can argue with the style or the slightly inflated costs but EAR equipment is not only almost unanimously well reviewed but used in some of the greatest recording studios in the world. Ignorant statement. Bsck it up or go home.

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I was an Importing Dealer of EAR gear.

That tall lanky gent impresses Print People but egads, the gear was not impressive compared with any of the Conrad-Johnson, Audio Research, Audible Illusions, Electrocompaniet Gear I stocked, sold, represented.

EAR gear is beautifully reviewed duds.

I carried the entire Product Line ( Range as they say in UK )

Tony in Michigan

ps. I'm being more charitable than the Amps deserve, reviewers lied about EAR

ok's picture

english gentlemen: some 95% of global “hi-end” gear and supporting hype is also a joke – a good 99% of autistic british audio hardware shouldn't have made any actual difference.. “Ear” was merely meant as “ears” by the way. Heading home is such an idea, thanks for the tip!

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"Home" .............. Daughtry :-) .............

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.."Paraguay" :-}


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"Postcards from Paraguay" ............. Mark Knopfler :-) ...........

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How well do these speakers sound at basically arms' length? I am thinking it may not make sense for me to try to optimize the sound in my home theater, because it is a more public room, but I have much more privacy in the room where my computer is. Magneplanars wouldn't work due to my desk's shape and placement in the room.

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years with various LS3/5a on wall mounts or on the shelf above my desk - I feel pretty certain the little Harbeths will shine close up - but I have not yet tried them that way


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They probably are quite good but....

Should Reviewers say things that tend to have all inclusive interpretations?

The ProAc Tablette is a proven, why is it consistently ignored?

Richard Girburg is turning over in his Grave, poor soul.

Stereophile should have a Small Loudspeaker Authority evaluating All the High-performance Contenders.

Mr. HR should be that person.

Who else?

Of course, Darko and Audiophiliac are already at it.

Tony in Michigan

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Elac Adante AS-61 bookshelf speakers are approx. the same price as the Harbeth P3ESR .......... AS-61 Speakers were very favorably reviewed by TJN for Sound & Vision ............

Bogolu Haranath's picture

May be HR could review the new JBL Stage speakers? ............ The bookshelf Stage speakers are priced at $250/pair :-) ............

Bogolu Haranath's picture

The (gene-edited) Chinese are taking over :-) .............

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I have the very same P3ESR in Olive Wood Anni's being reviewed here.
I also have them on the Tontrager stands. They are marvelous.
Thinking about some Falcon LS3/5A's as well which I have heard on big heavy filled stands. Herb - did you try the Falcons on the Tontragers? What was that combo like? Thanks! Lee

Herb Reichert's picture

worked well with the Tontrager; but sounded a little less solid. However....

I must pass the Tontragers on to the next reviewer and I am missing them already. You are lucky to have the P3ESRs and them skinny-leg stands. Enjoy.