Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.
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Some audio products never seem to get old and can hold up over years and decades. Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

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McIntosh MC-225, Garrard 301, Scott 222, and the Quad ESL-63.

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Garrard 301/401 & the Quad ESL 57, obviously. Thorens TD124 & La Platine Verdier. Rogers LS3/5.

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Vandersteen speakers and Quicksilver amps. Great values on their own but their synergy together multiplies their individual strengths!

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Halcro dm10 preamp (definitely not forgetting the phono stage). This single box unit is still a killer. This is one product that I think will be around for years to come and still sound great! And not forgetting my dear old LP12 Linn turntable. I've been with her longer than my former marriage—and she still gives me plenty, and I mean plenty, of enjoyment!

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Klipsch Heritage speakers. The Klipschorn has been in production since 1946, the La Scala since 1963, the Cornwall since 1959 and the Heresy since 1957. All without a break except for the Cornwall. Can anything beat that?

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Sonus Faber loudspeakers.

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Rega RB300

Prithviraj M.  Vedpathak.'s picture

Linn Sondek LP12

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Linn LP-12 turntable, ARC SP-11 preamp, LS3/5a speakers, and Magnepan MG-IIIa speakers.

John Freeman's picture

AR turntable and the mid-'70s Onkyo Integrated amps.

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Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck, remember them? Pass Labs Class A amps. KT 88 valves/tubes, Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM tuner, Quad 57 speaker, and the Audio Research D 70 Mk II amp. Any acoustically well designed listening room.

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MBL Radialstrahler 101: The pods are timeless, whether you have the old models without subwoofer or the new ones with subwoofer (101D and later). McIntosh Amp MC 1000: Typical McIntosh design at its best. No thrills, just power and quality. And the best for both: the sound is timeless.

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Linn Sondek LP12 and the BBC LS 3/5a.

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Linn LP12

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McIntosh MC275

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Universally, the Linn LP12 turntable is the foremost example of a timeless classic. But other products that have stood the test of time are the BBC LS3/5a in its many variations, McIntosh tube amps and many designs from Audio Research, most notably AR300MkII power amp.

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Oracle Delphi

G.C.  Van Winkle's picture

Vandersteen 2 (all versions) and Linn Sondek—I miss them both.

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Rogers LS3/5a, Apogee Duetta, Krell KSA series, Quad 57, and the Linn LP12.

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Anything made by McIntosh.

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Alternating Current! (AC). Wikipedia: "Audio signals carried on electrical wires are examples of alternating current." Without AC, your stereo won't work. Timeless indeed.

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Klipshorn. Mac 275.

Wayne Cunningham ...Toronto's picture

I purchased my Klipsch Heresy speakers over 20 years ago—they still sound great. Also Kimber 4tc/ 8tc cables.

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Cary Audio 805 SET amps—how many other amps from every company had come and gone while the 805 has remained virtually unchanged in styling and approach? In their various incarnations: Watt/Puppy speakers from Wilson and the Naim Nait stand out as permanent members of the audiophile world.

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Mark Levinson 30.6/31.5 processor/transport combo.

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There are a lot of obvious products, but I think Simon Yorke's S7 deserves consideration. Incredibly simple implementation of the high mass approach without going overboard. Also, I think the 47 Labs Flatfish transport is certainly bound for classic status among those who appreciate the unique design.

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My little JBL speakers I bought back in 1984, still doing duty in the garage. I did have to fix the surrounds, but that was easy. Also, my Aiwa ghetto blaster purchased in 1982 still works—they actually used steel to build it!

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The Linn LP12, as you depicted above this very question. The Denon DL103/R/Zu, etc. Quad's "FRED" (ESL 63). SME & Linn tonearms.

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McIntosh—classic blue eyes on a glass panel.

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Ears that hear, a soul that appreciates, toes that tap.