Getting Started & Greatest Bits

I’m sort of a jerk (stubborn, old-fashioned, anti-social, fiercely independent) and have managed, for my entire adult life, to survive without the Internet in my home. I realize that that will someday have to change—probably sooner than later—as I relinquish my autonomous life for one shared with another person. (And her two cats.)

For many people, the Internet means access to email, social networking sites, weblogs, forums, countless apps and other crap. For me, the Internet will inevitably mean Computer Audio.

And when the time comes for me to dive into Computer Audio, I’ll rely on Michael Lavorgna’s AudioStream to lead the way.

ML’s series of articles devoted to “Getting Started” will surely prove invaluable. I’ll start there. And, when I want to know which products ML recommends above all others, I’ll be sure to check out his list of “Greatest Bits.”

I’m looking forward to it—computer audio and domesticity. (The cats are also okay, I guess.)

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1) she's usually right
2) #1 is an understatement
3) re-read #1 and #2

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woman smarter.

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I get such a chuckle when young fellas use that phrase.


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What am I supposed to say?  Did I get the point across?  For as long as I've been able to make the choice, my choice has been to live without the Internet at home.  I know I'm younger than most Stereophile readers, but I've been living on my own since I was 17, and I'm 35 now—a significant portion of my life. 

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Are you moving?

I am having vicarious nervousness for you, but if it's the right roommate/S.O. then it will be 98% fun and not seem like 'work' at all.

Shared musical tastes and sleep cycles, I hope?



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But musical tastes? Not so much. : )

Thanks, Anton. I wish our families lived closer together, so we could all go out for dinner and wine.

Right now, we're just in the planning stage, but, yes, the plan is that I'll be moving into her place. It's a little bit odd because I've lived alone for so long, and I've put a lot of effort into furnishing my living space exactly as I like it, (and I'm stubborn and I don't really like change), but I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Columns (and real good times) in the making...