Fried Q/4 loudspeaker Review Context

Sidebar 1: Review context

The reference system used to audition the four loudspeakers reviewed here includes the VTL 225W Deluxe monoblock and Krell KSA 200 amplifiers, driven by a Theta DSPro Basic digital processor through the passive Electronic Visionary Systems Stepped Attenuator. The analog front end was a Well-Tempered Turntable and Well-Tempered Arm fitted with a Sumiko Boron vdH cartridge. Phono preamplification was provided by the Precision Audio outboard phono module, connected to the passive attenuator. The phono preamp has enough gain for the moving-coil Sumiko and is able to drive the amplifiers through 20' of interconnects. A 1m pair of AudioQuest Lapis connected the Theta to the EVS Stepped Attenuator, and the power amplifiers were connected by a 20' pair of Lapis. Cable between the Well-Tempered/phono preamp/Stepped attenuator was provided by Music Metre interconnect. Speaker cable was 3' runs of bi-wired AudioQuest Clear Hyperlitz or 10" runs of bi-wired AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz. The VTLs' monoblock construction enabled the use of the shorter cable, while the Krell required the 10' speaker-cable runs. The Phantom Acoustics Shadows, an active low-frequency room-control system that I usually use, were turned off during the auditioning.—Robert Harley

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