Fate, I Defy You: The Robert Silverman Liszt CD Sidebar 3: Who Did What and When

Sidebar 3: Who Did What and When

Recorded at the First United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 2-5 1993.

Production: Robert Silverman & John Atkinson
Engineering: John Atkinson & Robert Harley
Editing/Mixing: John Atkinson
Executive Producer: Larry Archibald
Assistant Producers: Maura Rieland & Gretchen Grogan
Piano: Steinway D supplied by Riedling Music Company, Albuquerque, NM.
Piano Technician: Charles Rempel
Booklet notes: Igor Kipnis, John Atkinson
Booklet Design: Suey Surprise

Cover painting: On a Theme by Vermeer—Fanfare Variation, by Eugene Newmann, 1979, 60" by 48".

Equipment used: Schoeps KFM 6 Sphere microphone; two Brüel & Kjaer 4006 ½" omnidirectional microphones with black (diffuse-field) grids; Sonosax FD-M4 4-channel, solid-state microphone preamplifier; Cardas 300B Microtwin, AudioQuest Lapis, and Beyerdynamic balanced microphone cables; Nagra-D 4-channel, open-reel digital recorder.

Our special thanks to: Danny Grimes & Nancy Belt (Nagra USA); Jerry Bruck (Posthorn Recordings); Bob Stuart (Meridian); Peter McGrath; David Smith (Sony Classical); George Cardas; Bill Low (AudioQuest); David and Eveanna Manley; Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries); and John Clark, First United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico. And also to: Meridian; Digital Domain; Stax; Sennheiser; Melos; Audio Alchemy; Headroom; B&W Sonic Frontiers, and Madrigal Laboratories, whose components were used in the monitoring and editing.

Recorded and mixed with 20-bit resolution; CD master prepared and edited using the Sonic Solutions Sonic Power Station v2.26; redithered to 16-bit resolution using the Meridian 518 Mastering Converter.

The Sonata CD costs $15.95—see the "Recordings" page on this website for details on how to order it. Enjoy! And Sonata is also available as a 180gm LP cut straight from the 20-bit digital data via the Mark Levinson No.30.5 D/A converter. The question is: Does the LP sound more true to a 20-bit digital master than a noise-shaped 16-bit CD?—John Atkinson