Energy Connoisseur C-2 loudspeaker System

Sidebar 2: System

Associated equipment used in the review included the Theta Data III CD transport, Mark Levinson No.36 D/A converter, Rowland Consummate preamplifier, and Carver AV-806x amplifier, with some use made of the Aragon 8008. Cables consisted of Kimber AGDL digital from transport to D/A, TARA Labs RSC Reference from D/A to preamp, Cardas Hexlink from preamp to power amp, and Monster M1.5 (bi-wire) loudspeaker cables. Additional equipment was used as noted.

Initially, the C-2s were set up on solid 20" stands from Merrill, and while the performance on the Merrills was largely as described, I later used taller stands (26" from Chicago Speaker Stands) to slightly better effect. The difference, I feel, was not so much in the stand itself—the Merrill Stands are actually sturdier—as in the height. The Chicago stands were perhaps just a little taller than necessary; good 24" stands would likely be ideal.—Thomas J. Norton

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