Eminent Technology LFT-16 loudspeaker Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

I drove the LFT-16s with Arcam's Solo Music and Solo Mini CD receivers, Primare's new DVDI10 DVD-based one-box receiver, and Carat's i57 one-box—more about all of those later. I divided most of my time between the Primare and the Carat. The Primare was ever so slightly lighter in texture and more agile in articulation—or, if you prefer, the Carat was ever so slightly more mellow and cushiony. The Primare was a stainless-steel French Chablis to Carat's oaky California chardonnay—a bit amusing, in view of Carat's French headquarters (the i57 is built in China). With the Primare, I was happy with the LFT-16s' tweeter jumpers in the Low position; with the Carat, I moved them back to Mid.—John Marks

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