Echo Busters Decorative Room Treatments Specifications

Sidebar1: Specifications

Descriptions: Bass Buster: Helmholtz quarter-round bass absorber, wood-framed with foam core. Echo Buster: flat-panel high-frequency absorber, wood-framed with foam core. Double Buster: flat-panel mid-to-high-frequency diffuser, wood-framed with corrugated core. Echo and Double Busters available in wall-hanging or floorstanding versions, with supplied feet.
Dimensions: Bass Buster: 5' H by 9" R to 6' H by 10" R quarter-round. Echo Buster: 4'-6' H by 12"-24" W by 3" D. Double Buster: 4'-6' H by 12"-24" W by 3" D. Weights not specified. Custom sizes available.
Finishes: Standard fabrics: black, white, dark gray, light gray, quartz. Custom fabrics available for 5% surcharge.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: N/A.
Prices: Bass Buster: $489/pair-$792/pair. Echo Buster: $130-$285 each. Double Buster: $180-$395 each. Approximate number of dealers: 75. Warranty: lifetime.
Manufacturer: Echo Busters, 940-D Grand Blvd., Deer Park, NY 11729. Tel: (888) 324-6287, (631) 242-6100. Fax: (631) 242-7717. Web:

Echo Busters
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