Dynaudio's Confidence Signature

The speakers in Dynaudio’s new Confidence Signature line come with a 10-year warranty and take their premium Mocha or Bordeaux finishes from the limited-edition Sapphire.

From left: C1 Signature ($8500/pair), C2 Signature ($15,000/pair), C4 Signature ($22,000/pair).

Read Wes Phillips' review of the original C1 and John Atkinson's review of the original C4.

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When I see a ridicoulously small stand loudspeaker, with a tweeter and a 4" woofer ("woofer" ?) at a price  three times a Klipschorn, I feel forced to think that in this business people like to buy fireflies at streetlamps prices.

And, of course, we should also wait 65 years to see if all these fireflies will be in the market  like they are made now, without any but little improvements: like the Klipschorns :-)

And, of course, are these are "systems" able to give "true" HiFi ?: they are so limited in dynamics and (all but some white flies) in frequency response, and MOL and so on, that one should ask himself existential question at the buying moment.

OK, "That's the market, baby. The market !" Bogey had said.

But just because it's the market, also my 2 cents are part of it ...

King Edward had said: "...and honni soit qui mal y pense !"

I don't say this; on the opposite: given that at these prices we are, evidently, buying "art" more than "stuff", I would simply be curious to know, from the reviews, given that I get asked to pay a certain price, how much of this price is "stuff"; so I could understand how much the "art" is going to cost to ME.

Example: a diamond tweeter has a different value than a silk tweeter (but I suspect that we can find both in different speakers with similar price...).

What do you all think about ?

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...get thier joy from aquiring boutique audio, well then, more power to them. Kinda like an automobile aficionado in my opinion.

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I remember a very old short story (read on the Reader's Digest maybe 50 years ago), it was the repairman's bill:

Radio repaired

1 capacitor: 15 c

1 resistor:   10 c

1 piece of wire:   10 c

intelligence:   50 $

total:       $ 50,35

So, what I would like to read in a review is just something like this:

Loudspeakers:   85 $

Crossover:         15 $

Cables:              45 $  

Cabinet:           250 $

intelligence:   8.105 $

total:             8.500 $   

Then I could go to a "boutique" and buy.

But I would KNOW WHAT I am buying.

I wanted to be more clear, thank you for your comment.