Do you have a spouse who shares your audiophile tendencies?

Do you have a spouse who shares your audiophile tendencies?
Yes, he or she loves audio as much as I do
4% (6 votes)
Yes, but he or she is not as interested as I am
18% (30 votes)
Yes, but only slightly
24% (40 votes)
He or she is ambivalent
35% (59 votes)
No, he or she doesn't like my obsession
15% (25 votes)
No, he or she hates it
5% (8 votes)
Total votes: 168

It is often said that audiophiles enjoy a lonely hobby. Do you have a spouse who shares your audiophile tendencies?

Dave Bennett's picture

My wife is great, she has no interest in my audio system, but she lets me have a room just for my system and she actually likes the look of equipment tables and speaker stands!

audio-sleuth's picture

I hope the yes responses are over half. If not, what are we doing wrong?

Ned Wolfe's picture

She doesn't care that I have this fabulous sounding system in a dedicated room that I commandeered from our house, as long as I keep the door closed when I play my music!

Stephen Curling's picture

Once in a great while we'll both sit down and enjoy a CD or two. Currently my wife enjoys listening to the Siruis music channels available via Dish Network.

Rich's picture

My wife is always in favor of upgrades!

Al Marcy's picture

Only the lonely ....

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

She couldn't care less about gear, but, as a musician and life-long music lover, she is supportive of having a system in the house, and appreciates, on a general level, the difference between a real system and a boombox. All in all, I couldn't ask for more.

Donald N.'s picture

She loves to listen but, not the equipment. She's a music lover not an audiophile.

Dave Adams's picture

I wondered if my wife could tell the difference. I found out that she in fact could tell the difference last summer, after a visit to Sound by Singer in New York. The salesman graciously demonstrated some Cary components even though he knew that there wasn't any way I could possibly purchase them. Later that evening at home while listening to my Adcom powered system I asked my wife if there was a difference. To my surprise she said "There is absolutly no comparison between the two systems. She really liked the Cary powered system. But remember this she added "You drive a Ford not a BMW.

Javier Santiago-Lucerna, MA's picture

Once in a while, she'll sit down while doing something else (like reading or some notes from work) and wonder how good the whole thing sounds. She may say, "Wow, its' like we are there." But that will last for about ten minutes. After that, it's back to work or off the listening chair.

Rex's picture

My wife can always hear when I've changed a component or cable, so I'm never able to sneak an upgrade past her. She doesn't have the patience to sit and listen to music, though.

Travis Klersy's picture

My wife is now more aware of sound quality, but still has no interest in audio gear.

Brankin's picture

Only slightly because she likes the good sound, but doesn't really care how you go about getting it. In the end, she's perfectly happy with a boom box.

macksman's picture

All the new equipment that has entered the house in the last 15 years has been decried as "another stereo box" and damned as a waste of money. However, the wife loves to sit enrapt while Nils Lofgren's Wonderland or another of her favorites spins. The exception was the Wilson-Benesch Act Ones, because they brought all the previous improvements into unmistakable focus and undeniably enriched the music in the house. So, though I know it will be the same song, the W-B Circle turntable should be delivered this week and we'll both enjoy it immensely for years. For her, it's about the money; for me, it's about the music. In the end, the music wins her over.

Paul's picture

She just doesn't get it....

rbm's picture

My wife knows good sound when she hears it. She may not be able to describe what she hears in audiophile-approved terminology, but when we audition equipment, if she doesn't think it sounds good, then I'd better listen more closely (to her and the equipment).

David's picture

My wife would be perfectly happy with a $500 system. Funny thing is, she has a better ear than I do. Whenever I get a new toy she immediately zeroes in on the sound quality (good or bad). But, she just doesn't see the need to spend all that money for what she sees as a small benefit.

Glenn Bennett's picture

And you know what? It's probably for the best. Anything I buy is fine with her (within reason of course). It's really the best of all worlds!

Jim Tavegia's picture

My wife tolerates my obsession and I think I am growing a little tired as well. I am trying to concentrate more on software than on the hardware and am trying to determine if my dissatisfaction with "sound quality" is not more a software issue. I doubt that I will ever own a Class-A system, so my "quest" needs to become more music driven. My wife can appreciate great sound, but would never seek it out on her own. She sees the high-quality music files I put in the iPod I received as a Christmas gift as a nice novelty, but little more. She and my 10 year old son were much more excited about the new kitty kat they picked up today.

Joseph Lazaroo's picture

I have an obsession on vintage gear.That I have reached my goals.My wife does not nage like some women do, When their husband is at home enjoying his passion in music.

Jim R GI NY's picture

Are you kidding! She still brags about her plastic, turquoise color, RCA portable radio and its 9 volt battery pack. The other day she searched the net for a casette version of the latest Andrea Bochelli album. Worse yet, her favorite group is still Millie Vanilli. When we were dating, she called me and told me to come over because nobody was home. I went over and sure enough, nobody was home. All kidding aside, she couldn't care less.

Clay White's picture

Most importantly, she can hear the difference.

Anonymous's picture

You forgot one category. Some of us are single unless of course you were trying to get around that. So I chose one in the middle as I cant go either way.

steve's picture

The day i find a woman who does not get jealous of my music enjoyment/audio hobby is the day i am ready to really settle down. Well, I guess it's back to my girlfriend, er, i meant, system.

Frantic's picture

My spouse enjoys it when I demonstrate the nuances however I doubt that my spouse would purchase or pursue the hobby alone.

dBruce's picture

My Cecile actually comes with me to Montreal for the annual audio show (we travel from Toronto). She knows what sounds great and what does not. Our taste in music is also quite similar. I am so lucky.

Two Cents's picture

No, my wife is somewhere between ambivalence and outright hostility when it comes to equipment upgrades or tweeking my system. She falls into a category of what I call the "Sonic Wallpaper" listener. Music is something to fill the space and time while she's doing other things around the house. Fortunatley, I'm somewhtat "Grandfathered"in the HIFI and record collecting areas. My participation in the HIFI game came along long before our marriage. And, at the time my friends and I got together socially we listened to music with our wives. So it set the stage for my continued quest for musical perfection. And, I've learned that sometime it's just better to beg forgiveness if you really want/need the latest gizmo.

jake stewart, brighton MI's picture

She can notice the differences, but chooses to listen to the music while ignoring the equipment. She's proably right

Russell's picture

My wife is all for my stereo system, just as long as she can't see it or hear it.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

What spouse? Any woman who messes with my system is likely to end up dead in a ditch.