Do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?

Do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?
Yes, by a long shot
41% (33 votes)
Yes, a bit more
15% (12 votes)
Just the right amount
5% (4 votes)
No, I need more
40% (32 votes)
Total votes: 81

Setting aside radio and streaming sources, when it comes to your collection—LPs, CDs, computer, tapes—do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?

Stefano's picture

I'll give up sleep but not listening to music....

Deho's picture

That's called collectomania. Same with books! Psychiatrists can cure that very nicely, but I prefer to invest my money in books and CDs.

Claus Rasmussen's picture

I am hoping to catch up on my many purchases of glorious vinyl, which is where my listening is falling behind. Retirement is many years away, but I live in hope of getting more time.

Nathan's picture

The thing is that I have a lot more than I could ever possibly need. Yet, if last weekend is anything to go by, it is imperative that I keep on buying.

Lawrence Lay's picture

I have my regulars, but I'll never forget the rest!

Nodaker's picture

Need more, so I can FLAC 'em and have my own commercial-free radio station broadcasting inside my house and in my backyard.

mrod's picture

At well over 4500 titles, counting LPs, CDs, cassettes, DATs, and even 8-tracks, if I listened to one album a night it would take me over twelve years without duplicating an album—and that doesn't count on me buying anything new between now and then!

Dismord's picture

I sure have more than I'll get to hear before I drop dead, but I never know where my listening whims might take me next.

Jim M's picture

I have quite a bit, but am always looking for newer artists. I get bored with the old stuff after many plays.

mikernz's picture

At some 2500 CDs collected over the last decade and a bit, I've listened to almost all of them at least three times. I still have plans to fill some gaps, especially in some under-represented jazz areas.

Robert's picture

I'm hoping to live for a few hundred years so that I can listen to all the music.

Nessuno's picture

I own a couple of CDs I think l'll never listen to again, but that's a choice of mine!

nunhgrader's picture

Once I found a little thing called podcasts—yes! I have thousands of DJ mixes as well—and so little time!

Walt's picture

Let's not get started on books....

Peder Beckman's picture

But I can always use more.

Bob's picture

Once I retire, I am planning to never leave my listening chair. Food, wine, and Depends will be the only other items that I need.

Antonio G.'s picture

You can never have too much music!

Pradeep's picture

I want to listen to so much more new stuff, so regularly revisiting all the CDs/LPs in my collection is not possible.

Jim Tavegia's picture

No, but it does take something really great now to get me to lay down my green for it. Mediocre is out.

Brian's picture

Running out of time to listen to it all.

Russell Finnemore's picture

When people ditched their vinyl for CDs, I collected an enormous amount of free LPs, many of which I still haven't listened to: collectors mania! I also tried to be a classical CD retailer, but much of what I bought ended up in my personal collection—the proverbial alcoholic working in a brewery! At least I have enough music to last my lifetime. I guess downloads could be a cure for collector's mania!

Eric Shook - Pittsboro, NC's picture

No such thing.

Bruce in Philly's picture

To be honest, I don't care for most of the music I purchased over the years or at least, the times I want to listen to most of the stuff, is very rare as it does not move me.

Lawrence de Martin's picture

I listen to everything once as background (5000 albums and counting). If it breaks through, I will spin it again, but sitting still with no distraction is for live performances. I attend over 50 acoustic concerts a year in the best halls.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

I want more music, I need more time to enjoy it.

Kelly Williamson's picture

Funny how being an audiophile brings out the "hoarding instinct." I am always trying to remember to listen to albums and CDs that I know I love but have not gotten to in a while just because there is so much in my collection.

Peter Lye's picture

I have about 1500 classical CDs and it needs about 40 days of continuous 24 hours listening to go through it once. I think I am plagued by collecterism, if there is such a word.

Dr.  Joseph Lee, Toronto, Canad's picture

With 16000+ CDs (covering music from 1900s to current) and a few thousand LPs, my wife estimated that it would take me more than 20 years of continuous listening to be able to finish the whole collection. With the availability of great remastering software, a few TB hard-drives, great audio equipments, and new found rare LPs, such as Enoch Light and soundtracks, like Fall of The Roman Empire, I managed to transfer and remaster all that music into 32-bit/96kHz files, and play them in my audio system, plus my 9-speaker home theater. Most of the music is also downconverted to CDs, thus my CD collection is still growing. My wish for the future is for music in Blu-ray disc, using lossless DTS HD Master Audio so that we can play it in the home theater. Of course, HD video is also desirable.

Charles Swindells's picture

Approaching 2000 LPs and 500 CDs. Stocking up for retirement, it'll give me something to do for the first six months!

JR's picture

2000+ CDs all in FLAC. It would run 24/7/365 for about five years.